Can Jewish study come alive for children?


Drama, song, interactive workbooks, and of course the teachers bring the information to life. Our hands-on learning style encourages children to be active, rather than passive, learners.

Our Curriculum

Through a curriculum that is updated yearly by the Chabad National Hebrew Education Network our program is able to provide our children with the highest level of Hebrew education possible.

Areas of academic emphasis include:

  1. Hebrew reading, writing, and vocabulary.
  2. Jewish history, its heroes and heroines.
  3. Holidays and traditions
  4. Culture and current events.
  5. The land of Israel.
  6. Prayer and Synagogue familiarity.
  7. Music of the Synagogue and the Holidays

With progress, students also develop the ability to study the Bible in its original Hebrew form, and have a basic conversation in the Modern Hebrew language. At the beginning of the day for prayer, Torah, History and the holidays the children are divided according to age group. For the second part of our day which is Hebrew reading, writing and vocabulary the Classes are divided according to level. This will challenge each child to grow and excel at a pace that meets his or her individual need.