The Rebbe

The Rebbe

The Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, was only one man. But he had a powerful dream. Ever since the Rebbe was a young boy, he envisioned a world entirely different than the one in which he lived. He envisioned a world which was free of strife and violence, free of hatred and tears. A world in which all people would recognize their ultimate purpose, and experience constant, unparalleled joy. In the Rebbe's world, all beings would recognize the holiness of their own lives and of those around them.

As unrealistic as this may sound, the Rebbe was not only very serious about his dream, he formulated a plan to implement it. The Rebbe taught us to never underestimate the value of a good deed, no matter how small. He said that if a single person does a single good act, it causes a disproportionate outburst of good in the world. And no matter how many good acts we already do, we always have the ability to do one more, to try a little harder, to put in that extra drop of effort.

The Rebbe imagined that if every single person were to accomplish just one more good thing, this world would be quickly transformed into one of peace, prosperity, and joy. What the Rebbe needed was a network of thousands upon thousands of centers worldwide, each inspiring all the people in its vicinity to do one more good deed.

And in 1950, the Rebbe put his plan into action. The Rebbe spoke of the infinite potential within every person. He taught about the inherent holiness found in our minds and hearts. He stressed the power of change each of us holds. But mostly, the Rebbe led by example. Whenever he met anyone, he always sought to ignite their soul – the spark of G‑dliness within them, in a way that inspired them to do something good. No matter who, no matter when, people who heard or saw the Rebbe were inspired to do what they could to better the world.

And slowly but surely, people started listening to the Rebbe's message. They shared in the Rebbe's dream of a perfect world. They came to reallize that it was not only a dream, but a realistic goal. And ultimately, they became swept up in the Rebbe's passion to create the reality of which he dreamed.

In the next 50 years, the Rebbe encouraged each of his followers to do on a small scale what he himself was doing on a global scale: ignite one more spark; inspire one more person to do one more good act. With this call to action, followers of the Rebbe established Chabad Centers all over the world, reaching, inspiring, and teaching more and more people to do what they can to make this world a better place.

By now, there are over 2,000 Chabad Centers worldwide, operated by over 4,000 Rabbis and their families dedicated to implementing the vision of the Rebbe, and the number just keeps growing.

And now, there is one more Chabad Center, but this one is different. That's because this Chabad Center is yours. Located in Anthem, Chabad will be available locally for the communities in Northwest Phoenix. We will support, we will educate, and we will inspire. And if you do one more good act today, it will all be worth it.

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