Welcome to Chabad

At Chabad, we have a unique vision. One day, the world we live in will be a world of peace and harmony. It will be a place in which we recognize the inherent sacredness of every person, as well as that of every being and object in the world. We will be able to live our life to the fullest, with the ultimate satisfaction of the knowledge of G‑d.

It is our goal to make this dream a reality. We do this by creating a loving community dedicated to the discovery of G‑dliness and the pursuit of kindness. We put strong emphasis on love, acceptance, and joy.


If you live in or around the communities of Anthem, Desert Hills, Tramonto, New River, Sonroran Foothills or Black Canyon City, we would love to meet you and join together to transform this world.

With your help, we can create a community you will be proud to call your own.



Our programs include Shabbat meals, Holiday events, classes and courses, family programs, and much more.