Friday, 23 October, 2015 - 5:15 pm

Why was "Go for yourself..." chosen in the Torah to open the narrative of Abraham? And what is the Torah saying to us? 

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Hessel Meilech wrote...

Jews are always on a journey. Adam leaves Eden, Abraham leaves Ur.
Jacob runs away, Joseph lands up in Egypt. Jacobs whole family goes to Egypt.
The exodus is a story of a journey.After the Temple fell the Jews went on a journey.
In 1933 the Jews who did not leave their comfort zone in Europe were murdered.
Eretz Israel was established because Jews went on a journey to establish a state.
The single constant in our history is change to go on a journey.
Today with the rise of technology and science ,religion has to go on a new journey to embrace the changes in our life.
Enjoyed your insight Hessel Meilech