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Head of the Year

Rosh Hashanah means literally the Head of the year. What is the head of a year?  

Sweet New Year

The customary new year wish is to have a good and sweet year. Why do we wish good and sweet and how that connects our little girl Bracha Zissel's name? 

Fatherly Love and the New Year

The last month of the Jewish year, Elul, is a time of introspection, increasing in our commitment to G-d and preparing for the coming year.

The second to last month of the year, Av, is a month of tragedy. Both Holy Temples in Jerusalem were destroyed, we begin the month decreasing in joy and we have the saddest day on the Jewish calendar in this month.

Yet interestingly every month on the final Shabbat of the month we bless the new month, that the new month should be a month of life and good, and Av is no different. We bless the final month of the year on the last Shabbat of Av. 

This means that the tragic month of Av somehow has in it to bless the month of Elul! Where in the month of Av do we find inspiration to jump start the new year?

Please check it out in this weeks video!

The King is in the Field

Tomorrow begins the new Jewish month of Elul, the last month of the year. Elul is a time to prepare for the coming year by looking back at the year and working on doing better in the coming year. To get us in the mood, on Sunday we will begin blowing the shofar, reminding us that Rosh Hashana is just a month away. Please watch this week's video for a deeper and inspiring perspective of this special month.

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