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Why Are The Cups Upside Down?

In this weeks video: Why were the cups on the Menorah upside down?

We are now in the "Three Weeks". The Three Weeks is a time of mourning on the Jewish calendar, when we remember the destruction of the Holy Temples in Jerusalem. We are also holy temples because G-d is in us as well. So now is a good time to learn about our own "Temples" and in this weeks video we highlight the Menorah.


Bubby Zissel

Bubby Zissel passed away just last week on Wednesday night the 8th of Tammuz. In this video we share one of the things she was so well known for.

Why Can't We All Get Along?

Why can't we all get along? Why is there so much fighting? 

Finding the seeds

What do you see in others, their Mitzvot or their sins? In commemoration of the Rebbe, Rabbi Schneersons's, yahrzeit this Shabbat we share a short story that highlights how the Rebbe always saw the good in others.

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