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Unbreakable Bond

This Wednesday and Thursday is the holiday of Shavuot. The day G-d came down on Mount Sinai and gave us the Ten Commandments. When G-d asked us if we want the Torah we answered "Naaseh V'nishmah - we shall do and we shall hear!" At that moment we and G-d became inseparable.


Do you recharge your phone every day? How about your soul, do you recharge it everyday?  

The Inside Scoop

This Sunday, May 14th is Lag B'Omer. The day we remember Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, who passed away on this day about eighteen centuries ago. Rabbi Shimon was the first to teach Jewish mysticism to the general public and in this video we explain why that is so significant.

It Is Never Too Late

This Wednesday, May 10th is the "Second Passover". Anyone who was not able to bring the Paschal offering on Passover got a second chance one month later. In this weeks video we learn a basic and important lesson in life.

Giving Up the Gold

They got a golden table leg from heaven and then gave it back. Why?

What is Wrong With the Pig?

In this weeks Torah portion we learn about the Kosher dietary laws so we ask what is wrong with the pig? 

Will You Let Go?

Weekly video: Passover is the holiday of faith. The Jews were full of faith when they left Egypt to go into the desert and every year Passover is a time to renew our faith. But faith is not always easy... Are you ready to take a leap of faith? 

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Passover begins April 10th 

G-d Giving Handouts

G-d is always giving and Purim G-d gives more. Find out why in this weeks video: G-d Is Giving Handouts. 

Will G-d Protect Me?

How a Rabbi's answer to a soldier who asked if he puts on Tefillin will G-d protect him completely changed another soldiers attitude. And why do we do Mitzvahs? Please check it out in this weeks video.

Bring G-d Back

What are we all trying to accomplish? What is the grand plan for this world and creation?

This Monday is the 67th Yahrzeit of Rabbi Joseph I Schneersohn of blessed memory and the day his son-in-law Rabbi Menachem M Schneersohn OBM assumed the leadership of Chabad. 

The last discourse on Chassidic thought that Rabbi Joseph Schneerson instructed his followers to learn and the first Chassidic discourse Rabbi Menachem Schneersohn said was based on a verse in the Song of Songs, where G-d tells us "I have returned to My garden my sister my bride". With explaining these words, these two great leaders and Chassidic masters give us insight into the ultimate purpose of why we are here!

There is Nothing Wrong In G-d's World

With all the pain, tragedies and challenges that we see too much of, we should sometimes just close our eyes and say the Shema prayer. What is the message of Shema? Please check it out in this weeks video.

Shabbat, Pork and the Non-believer

At times we may not realize how much we truly believe. In this weeks video I share a story of pork, Shabbat and a "non-believer" who, as it turns out, believed in G-d a whole lot more than he thought.

Thank G-d I wasn't Asked First

Some of the best experiences happen when we don't ask for them! 

Standing Higher

 The shamash (helper) candle is only there to light the others. Why then is it higher on the Menorah? 

Why Not Use Impure Oil?

According to Jewish law if there is no pure oil, then even impure oil is allowed to be used for the Menorah in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Why then did the Maccabees insist on finding that one jug of pure oil? 

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