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Detoured for a Reason

In everything that happens to us G-d is sending us a message. In this weeks video an extraordinary woman, Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka - the Rebbe's wife, heard G-d's message in a detour.

This weekend is the international conference of Shluchot, the female Chabad emissaries. The conference is held this weekend in memory of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka, who's Yahrzeit (anniversary of passing) is Monday.

Rivky is now at the conference in New York together with 3000 of the most amazing women. They are living the vision and dream of the Rebbetzin and are at the forefront of Judaism today! We wish Rivky a most successful weekend!

Is This World a Garden?

Would you describe the world as a garden? This week was the anniversary of the Rebbe, Rabbi M Schneerson's accepting the leadership of Chabad. In this weeks video we share what the Rebbe taught about how we should view the world we live in. 

Why So Many Rules?

Why are there so many rules in Judaism? Is that not too restricting? 

What's the Purpose of Our Evil Inclination?

What is the purpose in our evil inclination? Why would G-d create us with it? Would we not be better without it? 

What is Reincarnation? III

What might be our purpose nowadays? In this video we suggest one idea. 

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