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No One Is Extra in G-d's World

Holier Than Thou? Are You Sure?

Is someone who is more religious closer to G-d? It depends on what the person's motivation is. Is he or she growing in the relationship? What is that person giving up for the relationship? And how much of the religion is more about G-d and not about the person himself?

And so someone who does everything religiously, but is not growing or sacrificing, could still be quite far. And when that person reaches out to a Jew who is doing less and inspires that Jew to do a Mitzvah and to make that connection. Then the  sacrifice and growth of this "non-religious" Jew is credited also to the "religous Jew" and brings him closer.


Spirituality through food

Shabbat begins the last month of the year. The Chassidic masters give us an example of how special this month is.

A king usually hangs out in his palace but every once in a while he comes out to the fields. While there he greets everyone with a smile and anyone can approach the king. The same is with G-d. During the High Holidays G-d's in His palace.

However, during the month of Elul G-d's comes out to the "field" and anyone can approach G-d!

The Rebbe would stress how amazing this month is and called it the merciful month. Let us take advantage of this special time to come closer to our G-d.  

In this weeks video we see how we can get closer to G-d even with the food we eat.

A New Way to Self Evaluate


We're about to begin the last month on the Jewish calendar, called Elul, which, of course, leads right into Rosh Hashanah and the new year. At this time of the year it is important to make a self assessment. What have I accomplished this year? What can I do better? And so on.
However, when we take an accounting of ourselves it is important we do it the right way. Because done the wrong way can cause more damage then good. We might be too hard on ourselves or even give up G-d forbid.
In this weeks video a veteran Chassid, a professional in self improvement, shares the correct way to take an accounting of oneself. You might be surprised how different his approach is.


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