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Without Being Asked - Jewish Customs

The insight in this video is one of the gems of our current JLI course called Judaism Decoded, which delves into the Oral Torah and its different components. For upcoming courses and to learn more about the JLI courses please visit

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Don't Be Too Humble!

The Torah was given on Mt. Sinai, the smallest mountain, to teach us humility. Why, then, was it given on a mountain at all? 

This weeks video is dedicated by Dalia Ram in memory of Sarah (Teofila) daughter of Abraham.

Keeping Our Relationship Exciting

When our relationships start getting old, what can we do to make it exciting again? 

The Mitzvah Messenger

Has anyone ever given you, before you traveled somewhere, a dollar to give to charity at your destination? Watch this video to learn about this wonderful custom! 

Is Our Relationship for real?

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